I will fund your deals.

Any land deals over 5+ acres I will buy and make you more than double the national commission average for agents or wholesalers. Or I'll bring you as a partner on the deal.

Come And Network With Top Real Estate & Business Experts

In-Person Conference for Real Estate Investors, Wholesalers, Agents, and Entrepreneurs.

Founder of the Avanza Movement & Conference.

Avanza means to never stop, to never quit, to always continue advancing... that's the energy and the mission behind the Avanza Con, an annual business event with some of the best bilingual speakers in the US!

  • 200+ Attendees

  • High Successful Speakers

  • Networking with other top entrepreneurs

What I specialize in.

Acquiring, disposing of properties all over Florida, Washington state, and other markets. Anderson's Primary focus is developing land, specifically projects that are five plus acres, subdivisions, or creative real estate such as multi use properties, short-term rentals Airbnb, and more.



Short-term and long term


Land Development

Min of 5+ Acres Developments



Large subdivsion projects

Learn From My Mistakes

10+ Years As A Real Estate Investor


Acres of Land Developed


Invested in real esatet


Properties acquired

"I define success differently than how other people try to define it. To me, success is not just about the money or assets but about the POSITIVE IMPACT you make on other people's lives."

From humble beginnings.

I came into the United States at the age of 17 not knowing any English and face many tribulations along the way. I initially started my entrepreneur journey by doing Phillips, was started with one house eventually I worked my way to have three to five houses under contract at a time doing multiple flips when I realized that scaling that business model would not be feasible.

I then started focusing on bigger projects which led me to land development where I hit my first home run and eventually became experienced in.

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Whether you're stuck in buying properties, scaling your real estate business, hidden hurdles in your personal life. I've been through it all and I'm here to help you.

On my free community, you will get access to my software tools, calculators, deal analysis, my investment strategy, and more!

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